Alive Online Dating eHarmony promo code

eharmonyheartWelcome to Alive Online Dating. We are the premier site to help you save money on your online dating subscriptions. It is a great time to be alive, on the internet. There are hundreds of niche online dating sites to choose from.  We used to only recommend eHarmony and, but as the years went by, there were so many more dating sites that came out and really made a good impression on us. For example, Tinder is a great dating app on your cell phone and millions of people are using it successfully. However, our favorite site still is eharmony. This is because they allow you to use coupon and promo codes to save a lot of money every month. We feel that it’s best to save money where you can. There are 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscription savings plans. The most famous is the $15.95/mo. plan that gives you 3 months for a measly 15 bucks. That’s more than enough time to find someone you love or at the very least find someone to date to see if you can find love.

Here are some recent eHarmony promotional code:

    – LOVE15 (15% off)
    – SAVE65 (65% savings)
    – EASTER (Reported not to work after Easter. Gave $15/mo. discount)
    – 3MOFIFTEEN (This gives you 3 months for $15.95/mo. Valid only for 1st time users)
    – FINDLOVE (Another one that works 50% of the time for 50% off)
    – FREECOM (gives you a 1 week free trial to eHarmony)

Many sites out there proclaim to showcase the latest and greatest eHarmony discounts and coupons, but there are few very codes that work. The majority of the codes that we have found only list a 6 month and 12 month subscription. If you’re looking for a deeper discount, you can always check out one of the women’s magazines that have a full feature advertisement paid for by eHarmony. We have seen discounts as low as $10 per month for an entire year! You can also call up their customer service number and tell them that you are on the line with regards to subscribing or not subscribing. They will usually give you a much better discount than you can find online.

If you haven’t already tried it, the eHarmony free communication weekend is great for seeing if the dating service is right for you. The “Free Comm” weekends (as they are called) usually happen around the holidays. The latest one was a few weeks ago in late October. All you need to do is visit eHarmony and register a profile. This means you give them your first and last name, and then your email address. You then answer a questionnaire that mostly consists of multiple choice answers. It will take the average person 15-20 minutes to complete. It is basically a scientific personality assessment that tells you the type of people whom you are most compatible with.

When searching for the right coupon code for eHarmony (We LOVE MarriedRomance!), you need to take into consideration how much money you have budgeted. Scientific studies have shown that on average, it takes a person 6-8 months to find someone to enter in a committed relationship with. So if you choose eHarmony, you need to be aware that the costs can and will add up over time. It makes sense to utilize a discount and save money. These savings codes will change from month to month, so keep checking around and you will eventually find a working code!