ALive Website – (ALive website)

The ALive website is a tool to ensure that information regarding the development of livestock in Africa is shared and accessible to all stakeholders. For the members of the Executive Committee of ALive (decisional body), it is also a communication and decision tool via the restricted-access site.

The ALive website was launched on October 13, 2006 and accessible here. Information regarding the usage (visitors, visits, consulted pages, consulted documents) of the website is available in the website reports.

One important concept referred to in the reports relates to Visits. They represent the number of times the website has been accessed by someone. Visits are independent of the actual number of pages viewed, the length of time the person stayed on the site, and do NOT represent the total number of unique visitors.

The ALive website has been elaborated by the ALive Secretariat, with the support of a service provider. The Secretariat is in charge of its regular update. For any question regarding the website, please contact the ALive Secretariat.

The disclaimer as well as the copyright policy of the website will be soon available in a menu ‘legal’ which will be posted at the bottom of the pages. Please note that the photos used in the website were found in the IFAD and FAO phototheque (detailed captions will be available in the legal page).